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Cell Phone Software To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages
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It happen commonly to everyone who accidentally deleted those important text messages. Sometime it due to hurry or it may be because of we are engrossed something and we are distracted. But can we recover those deleted text messages back as original word by word content? With today highly developed technology nothing is impossible, even to retrieve those deleted messages is possible, but how?

Basically, delete a text messages is to free up some space in order to occupied by the message for reuse. Unless something is rewritten on the free space, else the text messages technically still exist in the cell phone memory.Keep on continue to read below lens to show you how you can recover those deleted text messages within minutes with using the right tools.

Cell Phone SIM Card Spy Reader

SIM card reader is an option to recover those accidentally deleted text messages on your cell phone.The installation and instruction guide to use SIM reader is pretty simple, you just need to follow below 3 steps to get it done:

1. Get a SIM card reader online then remove your SIM card or smart card from your cell phone. Do take note that not all cell phone have removable SIM card, some don't have. So make sure if you want to use SIM card reader to recover your text messages, your cell phone's SIM card is able to remove.
2. Now, you can place your SIM card into the SIM card reader device then connect via USB port into any PC.
3. Follow the instruction appear in the SIM card application and you will retrieve all those deleted messages instantly. SIM card reader also help to recover call history log and also list of phone numbers which deleted as well.

Below are the list of cell phone which not supported by SIM card spy reader due to non removable SIM card capability:

  • Some Nextel/Sprint 2 Way phones
  • Alltel (CDMA)All Verizon PhonesSome Prepaid phones (that don't contain a SIM card)
  • Smartphones (ie: Blackberry, Sidekick, and iPhone)
  • Some Nextel/Sprint 2 Way phones

Cell Phones Spy Software - Recover Text Messages For iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian OS

SIM card reader only support those removable SIM card cell phone, how about those non removable type smartphone? There is an alternative way to recover text messages from smartphone include iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Symbian OS phone with cell phone spyware.

Don't fool by the word "Spy", the cell phone spy software not only use for monitoring and tracking proposes, it also help to recover deleted text messages, photos, incoming/outgoing call history and phone number as well.

How Does the Cell Phone Spy App Work

Once cell phone spyware installed into the tracking phone, it operated automatically and undetectable by user.Cell phone spy software has the ability to upload all those call activities include text messages, call history data, photos email, and contact phone numbers to remote server for storage using 3G, GPRS or WiFi. More advance cell phone spy app capable to enable live call interception (tapping phone conversation) and stealth GPS exact coordinate location where help you to locate where and what the tracked cell phone user doing on real time.

You just need to login to the spyware vendor webpage with your account detail, then instantly you able to access all those uploaded data such as read text messages (even those deleted by phone user), view photos, track who they are calling or who is calling them. Once you have those suspicious phone numbers, you can use reverse cell phone look up services to help you identify who is that phone number owner include name, current address, carrier, location details and public records as well as satellite imagery of the person's location.

As mentioned above, cell phone spy software have the capable to store text messages into remote server. Although you accidentally deleted those important text messages, you still can recover the same exact word by word SMS in the server.

Top Choice of Phone Spy Software - Spy Bubble

Recommended spy cell phone software - Spy Bubble which powerful yet covert cell-phone monitoring software that tracks and records all information in real-time which can then be viewed at from any computer in the world. Spy Bubble include complete feature such as GPS tracking, text messages read, name/address store inside phones searches, view all call in/out log. Spy Bubble available and supported by all popular smart phones such as Blackberry, Android, Symbian and iPhone as well.

What you can do with Spy Bubble:

  •  SMS Tracking - track every words by words text messages log being sent and received even the holder has erased them, Spy bubble still keep the log of every message.
  • Incoming and Outgoing Call Tracking - You can know the number call was made to, the number call was made from, what time do the call took place and conversation duration times. You also can see the name been assigned to the phone's memory, which meaning you won't need to call a number to find out who he/she is.
  • Live call interception - This is a cool feature where you can listen to any call make real time by tapping cell phone conversation and able to secretly listen live incoming and outgoing call that being make through the cell phone.
  • View Photos and videos - You can access to their cell phone photos and videos storage folders. With this, you can able to downloads and make copies of the photos and videos to your own PC.
  • GPS tracking feature - You can track where the location of the phone by using Google maps. Use Spy Bubble to find out where your partner currently doing now, is your kids still at school? Was your employee really stuck in traffic?
  • more ...

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