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Skyrim Leveling Tips Bleak Falls Barrow
Published By wwkeen on 2012-01-30 155 Views

Are you looking for hints and strategy tips that leveling faster in Bleak Falls Barrow quest? If yes, then you come into the right place. Keep on reading to find out more detail.

All quests before Bleak Falls Barrow seem simple where you need to travelled from one city to another and complete missions followed by given instructions. This quest is the first dungeon quest that you need to complete. Which mean, your character require go through tests and complete all assigned challenges.

Before move into this quest, you already complete some mini-quests, leveling at least once and sharpen your skill level. In Bleak Falls Barrow, you need to plan what kind of skill that need to polish on to develop your character by determine type of combat strategy used.Tips: Use of terrain and find backup path to retreat as in this quest you’ll be facing huge bunch of enemies that you might lost in the fight.

The Bleak Falls Barrow quest mission is simple, talk to Farengar, get the instructions, retrieve the Dragonstoneand deliver the DragonStone to Farengar.

Before go into the battle, go back to previous village and complete the ‘The Golden Claw’ quest. Talk to Ferbgarand follow the compass pointer to Bleak Falls Temple. Along the way you’ll deal with bandints and archers. Pick up the archers with range attack before move forward to full battle.

Along the way, you need to unlock chest and find some carcasses. You won’t deal with many enemies until you get further into the dungeons. So, by then you need to work hard to collect gold and potions for next battle used.

In the end, you’ll reach a room with a lever in it, remember DON’T pull it. On left side of the lever you’ll find threepillors, you need to set right combination of sequence before can trigger the lever. The answer is snake, snake, swordfish. There always some clues hide behind the room that you need to think about before solve the puzzle.

Now, you move through the cobwebs and take the thief book together with scroll of fireball. Hack through some thicker cobwebs, eventually you’ll meet Arvel the swift. Kill the spider captured by Arvel. Make sure you ask him about the golden claw before set him free.

Arvel is a thief so he definitely will snap your back, fight him and the Golden Claw hide on his body. Now move next to crypt, you’ll face some draugrs. They are tough to battle, you can run away and draw off some draugrs.

Battle with draugrs can last for some time. Dodge through the swinging axes and run to the walkway, then there are more draugs coming toward you. Use fire to light the liquid on the floor. Kill the draugr which come out from the coffin, chest of gold and scroll located right beside him.
There is another part of temple with glowing mushrooms to harvest, you just pull the chain and the open lead you right into it. Follow the path, get any chests or corpses along the quest. By now, you should make sure you’re full healed after earlier battle as there are more draugrs coming next. Find a door that leads to the sanctum.

You’ll see some iron doors and a stone door. Here you need to solve the second puzzle. Appear a set of ring with symbols on them and a keyhole. You need use those rotated rings to match the symbols on the golden claw. The right sequence is owl, hummingbird, bear. Now you can use the golden claw to open the door.

To complete this quest, by now you should use terrain to battle with a draugr overlord. Although the draugrs is big but it move slow, so you can defeat it by using terrain wisely and keep distance to make wide range attack if needed. Once kill the lord of draugr, you can get Dragonstone on its body.

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